Human Nature Hasn’t Changed: It’s Just Lost its Necktie.

Substitutes for Law Enforcement? The debate about this idea was current sixty years ago, resulting in its inclusion in the popular culture of the day. Apparently it was determined that it didn't work back then. Is there any reason to believe it would work now? The skyrocketing crime that has followed the withdrawal of police … Continue reading Human Nature Hasn’t Changed: It’s Just Lost its Necktie.


When Being Coy can be Insulting. Talk about having a brass neck: who does this company think it is, insisting on secrecy about its identity? Is the name of the firm going to be revealed at the public commentary meeting? It's fine for communities to offer favorable tax rates in order to attract business, but the public should not be … Continue reading When Being Coy can be Insulting.

How to Lie with Statistics.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) speaks with forked tongue. On a page that is ostensibly dedicated to coronavirus mortality updates ( it says, "Indicators that track ILI and COVID-19-like illness (CLI) showed decreases nationally from week 29 to week 30, with decreasing or stable levels in nearly all regions of the country," … Continue reading How to Lie with Statistics.