How to Lie with Statistics.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) speaks with forked tongue. On a page that is ostensibly dedicated to coronavirus mortality updates ( it says, "Indicators that track ILI and COVID-19-like illness (CLI) showed decreases nationally from week 29 to week 30, with decreasing or stable levels in nearly all regions of the country," … Continue reading How to Lie with Statistics.


Coronavirus Common Sense (and a Classic Cautionary Tale).

This blogger has watched with amazement the fear, panic, and hysterical overreaction to the discovery of the newest head-and-chest-cold virus to come out of China. Scientists who should know better how to calculate statistics, have fudged the reported fatality rate by using the wrong denominator in the equation: If anybody in the Epidemiology class I … Continue reading Coronavirus Common Sense (and a Classic Cautionary Tale).