Look Beyond the Obvious.

Are you living a "Formula 977" life? (You may need to increase resolution to 360 and decrease playback speed to 75%. Let me know if the link becomes broken and the film cannot be viewed.) https://youtu.be/vODNaFLGlMg


Why does Death Inspire Fear?

Fear of death is a hard-wired, natural emotion. It resides in organized forms of life at the atomic level, because those particles recoil from the idea of dissolving into their constituent sub-atomic parts and returning to a state of chaos. I think it's funny that the atheists among physicists don't accept that the cosmology they … Continue reading Why does Death Inspire Fear?

“The bigotry and intolerance of the scientific community…”

Eventually there comes a time when everyone finds out the truth. If the materialists are correct, it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference to anybody, but if the believers are correct, it makes a very big difference to everybody.


“The thing that we all know most directly and most certainly – that is, the existence of ourselves – is ultimately incompatible with materialism.” – Jay Richards, PhD.

When I attended a Christian university in the 1970s (now called La Sierra University) I took an upper division genetics class from Gary Bradley, my hero to this day, who subtly taught the logic of associating a Code Writer with this planet’s unfathomably complex DNA. His scientific insight was ahead of its time and became the intellectual basis of my faith in God.

Although my unbalanced version of Christianity made me a doormat in the dog-eat-dog world of pathology, the realization that God existed and, being smart enough to write genetic code, could easily understand English and undoubtedly hear my thoughts and prayers, improved my life dramatically, giving me a sense of meaning and purpose, despite my habit of not standing up for…

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